21/03/2023 - 23/03/2023 Amsterdam and online

Amsterdam Drone Week

Curious about the implementation of Urban Air Mobility (UAM) services? During the Amsterdam Drone Week on March 21-23, all the opportunities uncovered by the implementation of air mobility services in cities will be revealed!

In the Amsterdam Drone Week on March 21-23, all the opportunities uncovered by the implementation of air mobility services in cities will be revealed! Key stakeholders of the sector will present their activities and potential benefits; experts and authorities at different levels will discuss common challenges and concerns raised by UAM.

From the use cases and requirements for operation to the incorporation into mobility management strategies, from the weather externalities to these services' resilience, all possible aspects of this innovative transport option will be discussed!

Check out the week's full programme here.


POLIS at the Amsterdam Drone Week

You will be able to find us during the week's Cities & Regions programme, which aims to review the perspective of these actors and what opportunities can unfold through urban air mobility services.

Here are all of the sessions where you can find POLIS and POLIS members:


March 21

Our Secretary General Karen Vancluysen will present POLIS' perspective in a panel discussion titled 'Cities & Regions: Sustainable Urban Mobility & UAM' and is joined by Melanie Van der Horst from POLIS member Amsterdam and other relevant networks, such as the UAM initiative cities' community (UIC2), ERTICO, the International Federation of Pedestrians, EIT Urban Mobility, and Rupprecht Consult.

  • When: 11:00 am CET


Martijn Peltenburg (Rotterdam), Pedro Fernandez (Madrid), and Victor Sunnliden (Örebro) will share their insights in a panel discussion titled: “Implementing Innovative Air Mobility/Services in European Cities & Regions”.

  • When: 14:00 CET


Romain Erny from Choose Paris Regions (Ile de France Mobilités) will join the discussion in a panel session titled “Deploying the first VTOL Network in the world for the 2024 Global Event in Paris”.

  • When: 15:30 CET


March 22

Jeroen Olthof (Provincie Noord-Holland) will present the region's insights in the “Integrating Air Mobility in an Urban Environment from Californian Perspective" panel

  • When: 12:20 CET


Marielies Becker (Berlin) will join the discussion at the Cities & Regions Panel: 'German UAM Frontrunner Cities & Regions'.

  • When: 17:00 CET


Outside of the Cities & Regions programme, POLIS members will attend these sessions:


March 23

Mohamed Mounaim from Safe.Brussels (Brussels) joins the ADW Delegate programme for a discussion on: 'Security & Counterdrones'.

  • When: 09:30 am CET.


POLIS members Amsterdam and Provincie Noord-Holland will hold a UAM-focused session titled 'Implementing Aerial Services in the Amsterdam Region'.

  • When: 12:30 CET


Last but not least, Niels Kalshoven (Port of Rotterdam) joins the 'Use case Haven Rotterdam: U-Space Airspace prototype' panel.

  • When: 13:45 CET.


Indeed, this week has a lot to offer on urban air mobility, a topic we have been working on extensively through the USEPE Project and through collaborations with insightful players such as the always fantastic AiRMOUR, also present at this event.


There will be more coming soon from us on the topic, so stay tuned!