POLIS joins as a cosignatory of PATH COP28 Open Letter advocating for active travel investment in climate goals

In a significant move towards promoting sustainable and active modes of transport, POLIS has joined as a cosignatory of the Partnership for Active Travel and Health (PATH) COP28 Open Letter. The European Cyclists' Federation (ECF), along with its PATH partners, launched the open letter as part of the PATH coalition's activities during the COP28 climate conference.

The PATH COP28 Open Letter, which has garnered over 400 signatures from civil society organisations and non-governmental organisations across more than 70 countries, calls on the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), governments, and negotiators to prioritise and invest in walking and cycling. The aim is to significantly accelerate progress on climate goals and enhance the quality of life for communities globally.

What's in the letter?

ECF expressed its pride in uniting numerous organisations under the umbrella of PATH during COP28 and extended gratitude to all signatories who supported the initiative by endorsing the letter.

The open letter emphasises the crucial role of walking and cycling in decarbonising transport and achieving the objectives outlined in the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. Despite growing momentum for active travel policies globally, the letter underscores the need for more ambition, action, and investment to effectively unlock the potential of walking and cycling. PATH urges the UNFCCC to prioritise walking and cycling in climate negotiations and calls on UNFCCC countries to develop national policies and Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) that encourage and enable safe, accessible, comfortable, and enjoyable walking and cycling experiences. The proposed key actions include infrastructure development, campaigns to shift mobility habits, land use planning, integration with public transport, and capacity building.

To assist governments in crafting effective national walking and cycling policies, PATH has introduced the Active Mobility Policy Template. This tool is intended to guide countries in updating their NDCs (Nationally Determined Contributions, or NDCs, are countries’ self-defined national climate pledges under the Paris Agreement) by the 2025 deadline and evaluating progress during the COP28 global stocktake.

By placing walking and cycling at the forefront of climate change policies, PATH and its supporters, including POLIS, believe it is a fast-track approach to achieving urgent climate goals. The organization stands ready to support UNFCCC Parties in this process, emphasizing the transformative potential of active travel for reducing transport emissions, improving public health, and creating more vibrant and inclusive societies.

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