Sustrans is a UK based charity, strives to make it easier for everyone to walk, wheel and cycle.

Their work takes a range of approaches, including working with local communities, conducting research and political advocacy.

Sustrans work for and with communities, helping them come to life by walking, wheeling and cycling to create healthier places and happier lives for everyone. Across the UK Sustrans involves communities in shaping our towns and cities, giving people the tools and confidence to get out of their cars. Through this grassroots work, they inspire people to change the way we all travel every day, forging closer connections with our neighbours and reducing traffic to create a better environment and more sustainable society for everyone.

image credit: Markus Spiske/ unsplash

They campaign for and create spaces where everyone can move around safely. Here, they work on a spectrum of issues including accessibility for disabled people, gendered differences in cycling, and provisions for older people. Indeed, their advocacy such as the Disabled Citizens’ Inquiry, seek to give disabled people a voice in making walking and wheeling more inclusive.


You can find out more on their website, or follow them on Twitter and LinkedIn.