Overijssel Province

Overijssel is a province in the eastern Netherlands, strategically located between the ports of Schiphol and Rotterdam, as well as the German Ruhr-area. The province is located within North-sea Baltic Corridor, through which they aim to achieve to be more sustainably connected in Europe, for passenger and freight transport.

The province works together with regional partners, border regions, ports and people to develop their national and international transit, ensuring sustainability and safety.

Through POLIS network they seek to exchange experiences with other European local and regional authorities, transfer knowledge and give voice to sustainable regional mobility in the EU.

Overijssel is involved in the EuregioRail project. EURegiorail is a project under the umbrella of the EURegio, a joint Dutch-German public arrangement which addresses cross border rail travel. They also partner on Bicycles and ITS (BITS) - A new multi stakeholder project on Bicycle and ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) aiming to reduce CO2 emissions by 9% and increase bicycle use by 10% within target groups.

In addition, Port of Logistics Overijssel (POLO) is a hands-on, entrepreneur-driven partnership supported by the Province of Overijssel. This platform provides access to logistics entrepreneurs, governments, educational and knowledge institutions, industry associations and employer organizations and stimulates cooperation. Together they are committed to strengthening the logistics position of Overijssel in the Netherlands and Europe.

You can find out more on their Twitter HERE, and LinkedIn HERE.