Cities Mission

The Climate-Neutral Cities Mission Taskforce supports members through concrete, tangible, and result-oriented urban mobility interventions to accelerate the transition towards climate neutrality.

The Climate-Neutral Cities Mission Taskforce provides a unique platform for our members to engage in a peer-to-peer exchange on how they can reach their transport decarbonisation targets.

Local and regional authorities hold the keys for the crucial measures and actions needed to achieve to climate neutrality. They must act, and fast: the EU’s Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities Mission can boost and accelerate this process, and as such, it must succeed.

To support the 30 selected POLIS member cities in this endeavour, we established the POLIS Climate-Neutral Cities Mission Taskforce. 

While the Cities Mission requires a wide-ranging approach, enacting real change requires focusing on specific aspects of urban life. Mobility is one of them:transport is currently responsible for about one-fifth of global CO2 emissions, and nearly a third of transport-related emissions come from urban passenger transport. Thus, if we want to make climate neutrality a reality, accelerating the shift to sustainable urban mobility is nothing short of essential. 

Topic priorities for 2024

Our current topic priorities for 2024 are the following:

  1. To place concrete mobility measures within climate plans and just transition strategies, focusing on impactful transport measures and actions
  2. To share available knowledge and tools in the transport sector, including useful resources and results from European research and innovation projects
  3.  To foster mutually beneficial cooperation between POLIS members in and out of the Mission
  4.  To enable synergies for access to European funding opportunities, research and innovation projects, and piloting of new solutions from private-sector stakeholders
  5. To speak with a common voice on transport-related Mission topics whenever relevant and appropriate, to raise issues of common interest or concern with the Mission Board and/or NetZero Cities

    The Taskforce follows a genuine bottom-up approach, and listens to the current needs of members while understanding how it can add value and complement tasks and resources planned by the Mission.  


    For further information

    If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Marko Stančec,

    Climate-Neutral Cities Mission Taskforce Coordinator.