Shared mobility rules! MOBI-MIX publishes project final outcomes

As MOBI-MIX arrives at the end of the project's lifetime, two final outcome reports were published, focusing on data-sharing and case study-backed guidelines for shared mobility policy-making, respectively. 

After a successful joint final conference with e-smartec, MOBI-MIX keeps up the momentum by publishing not one but two final outcome reports presenting lessons learned from the project. One is the fourth insight report on shared mobility data for policy-making, and the other is a guide that, through the use of 12 case studies, aims to support policymakers in implementing shared mobility measures.

Using data for shared mobility policymaking

Data has massive potential to ensure that shared mobility services help cities in lowering the number of cars, the need for more parking spaces, and, consequently, any further increase in carbon emissions polluting urban spaces.

Cover for MOBI-MIX Insight Report #4

Cover for MOBI-MIX Insight Report #4

In addition, as shared mobility has developed into a rich source of data and information, many cities around Europe have now become aware of the untapped capacity that shared mobility has for analysing and evaluating transportation and mobility goals.

With this report, the MOBI-MIX partners wish to highlight the value that such data possesses, how to access it, and what implementations cities may utilise it for while adhering to standard procedures and best practices across the EU. The research collected in this document also highlights some of the problems that this information has caused, as well as suggestions for the future to guarantee that the data ecosystem fulfils its promises.

This insight report was written by Bax & Company and POLIS.

Real case-backed guidelines for shared mobility? Yes, please!

Throughout its two-year course, the MOBI-MIX project has gathered a wealth of knowledge on the efficient deployment of shared mobility solutions, as well as its impact on urban environments.

MOBI-MIX Guide Cover

Cover for the MOBI-MIX Guide

This handbook, titled 'Shared mobility, mobility hubs and MaaS: From vision to implementation', contains the lessons learned from the five MOBI-MIX cities' pilots as well as from six additional like-minded European cities, consolidating in extremely useful guidelines for policymakers to implement effective shared mobility measures.

As these cities all departed from varying maturity levels, the lessons learned obtained apply both to local governments that are just beginning to investigate shared mobility, as well as to advanced cities that are looking for inspiration for the optimisation and further development of their shared mobility ecosystem.

This MOBI-MIX guide was written by Bax & Company and POLIS, with external contributions by Hamburg Authority for Transport and Mobility, SBB, Amsterdam, Paris, and Bremen.

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