MOBI-MIX Insight Report on Mobility Hubs

MOBI-MIX Insight Report on Mobility Hubs

The third MOBI-MIX Insight Report focuses on mobility hubs, with the title: 'Mobility hubs, a lever for more sustainable mobility?'. The report provides an in-depth look at mobility hubs, in order to answer the following questions:

  • What are the mobility hubs?
  • What are their main objectives?
  • What are the different types of mobility hubs?
  • What are the most relevant projects of mobility hubs and what should we learn from?

Therefore, it provides an overview of mobility hubs based on their definition, objectives, typologies and implementation frameworks. Based on this overview, the report gathers relevant insights on the impact of mobility hubs within urban mobility policy, analysing relevant projects applied to different European settings and defining best practices for cities to keep in mind moving forward.

This insight report was written by Wassim Hached and Alain L'Hostis (Gustave Eiffel University) in the framework of the MOBI-MIX project , with reviews and contributions by POLIS, CoMoUK, Bax & Company, Valenciennes Métropole, and the City of Rotterdam.