POLIS welcomes new member Cerema

POLIS welcomes new member Cerema, extending POLIS' network or cities, regions, research institutes and operators.

POLIS is delighted to welcome new member, Cerema, to its network. Cerema is the major public agency for developing and capitalising on public expertise in the fields of planning, regional cohesion, and ecological and energy transition.

The organisation conducts extensive work around mobility, examining public spaces and urban roads, modelling and data analysis, intelligent transport systems, traffic and regulation and travel safety. Cerema offers expertise on the ability to integrate these different skills into developing territorial projects, at national, European and international levels; their aim is to help deliver mobility policies and services that are effective, balanced, and accessible to all, and that are tailored to the unique context of each region and the needs of their communities.

With POLIS working groups examining these issues in depth, Cerema is in an opportune position to share cutting edge research and best practices with other POLIS members. Indeed with experience on projects across the globe, their expertise will provide crucial insight for others.

The organisation has participated in a range of projects including MMUST (Multimodal Model and Scenarios for Cross-Border Mobility), SUMPS-UPLinking Alps, InDiD (Digital Infrastructure of the Future) & SAM (Safety and Acceptance of autonomous Mobility and driving).

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