New issue of 'Thinking Cities' magazine released

This 7th issue of Thinking Cities reflects on the role automated vehicles can play in cities, and how autonomous a city has to be, to meet the mobility needs of its citizens. The magazine therefore includes an interview with La Rochelle's Mayor Jean-Francois Fountaine on the lessons learnt from the inner-city deployment of automated evehicles, piloted within the CityMobil2 project.

Other Polis members featured in this edition include Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Jerusalem, London, Paris, Rotterdam and Toulouse.

Print copies of this edition were distributed free of charge at the 2016 Polis Conference on 1 and 2 December in Rotterdam.

About Thinking Cities

Thinking Cities contributes to the debate on urban transport and showcases exciting innovations and good practice in this field. It helps stakeholders understand the central role local and regional authorities play in rolling out transport innovation.