2023 - 2026


SYNCHROMODE aims to develop a data-driven ICT toolbox for improving the management of transport operations from a multimodal perspective. The goal? To manage the transport network as a whole!

SYNCHROMODE has arrived! European transport faces major challenges in terms of traffic congestion, safety, greenhouse gas emissions, and its derived costs. In the case of freight transport concerning 2005, by around 40% in 2030 and over 80% by 2050. Passenger traffic is expected to grow 34% by 2030 and 51% by 2050, causing substantial pressure on the existing traffic infrastructure, further increasing air pollution and traffic jams. In addition, the development of disruptive technologies and the emergence of new mobility solutions generate a revolution in the transport network and traffic management. 

Running from May 2023 until April 2026, SYNCHROMODE will deliver a suite of services for improving the overall transport network management, fostering the coordination of different agents involved in the provision and control of transport services. These particular services are:

  1. Transport network-wide data exchange and integration system.
  2. Cooperative dashboard for real-time monitoring and prediction of network-wide multimodal transport and traffic.
  3. Resilient multimodal transport network and traffic management support tool. 

It will also demonstrate via well-chosen case studies the effectiveness of integrated multimodal and multi-actor traffic and transport management solutions and the SYNCHROMODE toolbox, able to balance the demand load of both people and goods and at the same time reduce individual journey times. 

Indeed, the SYNCHROMODE system will test and validate its results in three real project case studies, which are an integral part of the success of the project. The three case studies, which will provide real data from various modes of transport under different traffic events such as bottlenecks and accidents, will take place in:

  1. Madrid.
  2. Thessaloniki.
  3. Zuid-Holland region. 

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