European transport faces major challenges in terms of traffic congestion, safety, greenhouse gas emissions and its derived costs. In addition, the development of disruptive technologies and the emergence of new mobility solutions generate a revolution in the transport network and traffic management. SYNCHROMODE aims to develop data-driven ICT tools for improving the management of transport operations from a multimodal perspective and managing the overall transport network as a whole. SYNCHROMODE will provide transport managers with new predictive and network optimization capabilities for balancing the transport supply and demand, and be capable of reacting to different types of events.

The project will research in transport network supply& demand modelling, simulation and prediction of future states; optimization techniques for multimodal traffic optimisation, standards for data collection and storage; new governance models in transport management and new approaches for defining KPI for assessing the overall solution. SYNCHROMODE will deliver a suite of services for improving the overall transport network management, fostering the coordination of different agents involved in the provision and control of the transport services, the services are 1) Transport network-wide data exchange and integration system; 2) Cooperative dashboard for real-time monitoring and prediction of network-wide multimodal transport and traffic; 3) Resilient multimodal transport network and traffic management support tool. SYNCHROMODE system will test and validate its results in 3 real Case studies, Thessaloniki (GR), Netherlands and Madrid (SP), with real data from various modes of transport under different traffic events, such as bottlenecks, accidents etc.


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