SPROUT contributes to CIVITAS ELEVATE e-course on data-driven approaches to SUMPs

With help and contributions from several CIVITAS projects, CIVITAS ELEVATE has developed e-courses for urban transport professionals on a diversity of topics connected to sustainable urban mobility planning.

The e-courses have been designed to enhance capacities among mobility professionals, helping them work more effectively and generate greater impacts with their urban mobility projects.

The participants in the e-courses will learn about projects and their results, as well as how to apply these results to their work and further practical applications. The e-courses can be followed online individually, and at a learner’s own pace, with no group assignments or live elements.


SPROUT's contribution

The SPROUT project has contributed to one of these e-courses, titled Data-driven approaches to sustainable urban mobility planning.

The course introduces participants to tools developed by the HARMONY, MOMENTUM and SPROUT projects to enable local leaders to take data-driven approaches to sustainable urban mobility planning.

To participate in the e-course, click the following link: