SMALL looking for external experts for 1st Expert Roundtable

On 27 April, SMALL is organising its first expert roundtable in Brussels, titled 'How can people with reduced mobility become an important driver of shared mobility?'. Think you could be one of the project’s external experts? Read more to find out!

SMALL is looking for external experts to provide them with essential knowledge on how they can begin to build effective shared mobility pilots that meet the needs of people with reduced mobility.

Think you could be one of them? Here are the profiles they are currently looking for:

  • Individual advocates representing people with reduced mobility, such as families, children, the elderly, and people with physical impairments;
  • European NGOs and/or associations representing people with reduced mobility;
  • Researchers and experts focusing on accessibility in transportation;
  • Shared mobility providers with relevant expertise in accessibility;
  • Public transport operators with relevant expertise in accessibility;


The SMALL expert roundtables

The SMALL expert roundtables are a series of workshops that the SMALL partners plan to conduct with relevant stakeholders and experts on accessibility in transportation to gain insights and create knowledge that will improve the project outputs as the project moves forward. The results of these expert roundtables will be summarized in a series of insight papers that will be the basis of a new topic guide for inclusion in shared mobility.

The main goal of the 1st Expert Roundtable is to receive valuable insights and knowledge on how the SMALL pilots can be framed to meet the needs of all people with reduced mobility. Their aim is to understand what kind of new shared mobility solutions are most useful, what immediate and more considerable changes can be undertaken by transport authorities, what are the most effective measures we can learn from, and more.

To do so, they must hear from the people themselves, of course! That is why they are looking for external experts who can provide their unique expertise to the discussion.

The roundtable will be hosted on 27 April 2023 at the POLIS office in Brussels.

Worry not - the agenda will be communicated coming soon. For now, we can inform that budget is available to cover all of the travel and accommodation costs of SMALL experts.  

Please note: Attendance for the roundtable is limited to a maximum of 20 spots.


Why attend the roundtable?

SMALL aims for its 1st Expert Roundtable to be a unique experience, which will result in the development of a SMALL expert community where members can:

  • Help create more inclusive and more accessible shared mobility services;
  • Gain insights into the needs of different user groups regarding shared mobility solutions;
  • Meet other relevant stakeholders from the field (representatives of societal organizations, policymakers, transport service providers, research organizations, etc.);
  • Be part of an amazing and welcoming community!


If you would like to participate, please contact Esen Köse ( and Daniel Herrera ( by 31st March.

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The SMALL project strives to make shared mobility accessible to children, families, the elderly, and physically impaired people - part of a wider group classified as people with reduced mobility (PRM). Lasting a total of 48 months, it counts on highly committed and innovative partners among them cities and regions, universities, transport operators, shared mobility service providers, network organizations, etc.