Road space and TEN-T: join the MORE Atlantic Corridor Workshop - 8/10 in Lisbon

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What is the MORE TEN-T Atlantic Corridor Workshop?

After an introduction to the MORE Project, the focus of the discussion will be the types of problems experienced by cities along their TEN-T “feeder routes” (from the TEN-T network into the city centres) and the interfaces between urban and inter-urban networks, and the types of solutions they are developing. The MORE partners will introduce the four tools that are being developed to assist cities in planning, designing, managing and operating these feeder routes and interfaces. The cities along the Atlantic corridor will be invited to provide their feedback on the potential usefulness of these tools, and the future challenges that should be addressed.

A further objective of the workshop is to establish a synergy between the MORE project and VitalNodes, a 2-year H2020 project that will come to an end in October 2019 and aims at delivering evidence-based recommendations for the integration of urban nodes into the TEN-T network.

Who should join the workshop, and how?

The MORE TEN-T Atlantic Corridor Workshop aims at bringing together the MORE project partners with the representatives of several cities along the TEN-T Atlantic Corridor, corresponding national highway agency representatives, and the EU TEN-T Atlantic Corridor coordinator.

Financial resources for the reimbursement of participants are limited and representatives of cities will be given first priority where costs cannot be covered by the organisation.

If you have any questions, please contact Piero Valmassoi.