Promoting soft mobility in the Mediterranean: Policy Brief now available!

The policy brief, prepared by CIVINET-EL and supported by POLIS, in the scope of Urban Transports Community, proposed a series of recommendations, based on the on-the-ground experiences of its community to improve sustainable mobility systems in the Mediterranean, through the promotion of soft mobility. The recommendations focus on the suitable interconnected policies at the EU, national, regional, and local level.

Building upon experience gained through the implementation of projects related to soft mobility in Albania, Croatia, Greece, Spain and Italy, the Urban Transports Community highlights the importance of soft mobility, showcases lessons learned through case studies and outlines policy measures for the promotion of soft mobility.

At the local and regional level, it stresses the need to foster collaboration among municipalities, adopt bottom-up design, involve local stakeholders, foster user, and non-user acceptability, consider infrastructure quality, encourage multimodality, assess, measure, and ensure enforcement and surveillance. At the national and EU level, it highlights the need to regulate and provide technical specifications, coordinate, and facilitate the implementation of soft mobility schemes, provides financial support and train users and non-users and personnel.

You can read the full Policy Brief here.