New guide to European and international ITS standards has been launched

A guide to European and international ITS standards has recently been launched. This resource, called EU ITS Communications and Information Protocols (or EU-ICIP for short), is available at the following link:

Check the guide!

EU-ICIP provides a basis for information and knowledge about the ITS communications and data standards available and links to any regulations that reference them. It also informs potential users of the compatibilities and incompatibility issues of various standard options. It is a useful resource for any organisation planning to develop and implement an ITS project.

To make it easier to navigate, EU-ICIP is organised logically according to functional areas, such as public transport, parking, traffic control and management, traffic and traveller information, freight and fleet, and spatial information among others.

The chapter ‘Local authorities aspects’ provides information about a selection of road transport systems and ITS tools commonly implemented by public authorities and the European and international standards that underpin them as well as the relevant EU mandates (ie, those EU regulations mandating the adoption of specific ITS or data standards).

To access the EU-ICIP website, click here.

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