Suzanne Hoadley

Senior Manager - Coordinator Traffic Efficiency

Suzanne joined POLIS in 2001.

As Coordinator of the Mobility & Traffic Efficiency Working Group, her main task involves facilitating knowledge transfer and debate among POLIS members on topical issues and emerging themes related to ITS and network management, including multi-modal network management, open data, open systems/interoperability, C-ITS, automation and MaaS.

Suzanne has edited policy papers on several of these themes, with the aim of bringing forward the views of POLIS member cities and regions to the European institutions and other stakeholders.

Suzanne coodinates POLIS’ involvement in European projects such as LEVITATE, MobiDataLab and INDIMO, and represents POLIS on various platforms, including the Amsterdam Group.

You can contact her in English and French.

+32(0)2 500 56 73