ISA and Digital Maps: Webinar on 26 March at 3pm CET

The Webinar aims at informing Road Authorities about the need for improving road safety by deploying ISA technology and to encourage them to ensure high accuracy in digital maps. It is organized by the New Mobility Services Initiative of the European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities & Communities (EIP-SCC).

The webinar is hosted by Sophie van Velzen, co-coordinator of the ISA Working Group of the EIP-SCC. Guest speakers are Peter Defreyne (Ixortalk), Christian Kleine (Vice-President of the TN_ITS Platform) and Stephanie Leonard (TomTom).

At the last quarter of this 60 minutes webinar you will have the opportunity to actively engage with the speakers during a live Q&A and discussion.

26 March 2019, 3pm CET

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  • 15:00 Introduction by Sophie van Velzen, Junior Projectmanager Smart & Green Mobility for the City of Helmond and co-coordinator of the ISA Working Group of EIP-SCC.
  • 15:10 Peter Defreyne, managing Ixortalk and director at Udini. Peter will elaborate on the Ixor project “ISA in practice” that aims to revise and modernize ISA through a state-of-the-art validation of data.
  • 15:20 Christian Kleine, Vice-president TN_ITS; TN_ITS is concerned with the exchange of information on changes in static road attributes. They stress the importance of digital maps for ITS, thus ISA, being up to date for attributes that are critical in terms of safety and efficiency.
  • 15:30 Stephanie Leonard, Strategic Business Development Manager at TomTom; Stephanie will construe ISA from a service provider’s perspective.
  • 15.40 Discussion

If you are interested in the activities of the ISA working group, please contact:

Background information

SA is a technology that helps drivers to adhere to speed limits. Exceeding speed limits and driving at unsafe speeds are responsible for about one third of the deadly road accidents. ISA, by advising the driver what the safe optimal speed on a stretch of road is or by automatically adjusting the vehicle’s speed to that safe optimal speed can save lives and make our roads much safer. In February 2019 the European Parliament Committee on Internal Market and Consumer Protection (IMCO) voted on the revision of the General Safety Regulation EC 661/2009 including ISA.

In the meantime, the ISA Working Group is about taking action. ISA technology is available and can already contribute to safer roads and reduction of road accidents. To foster early adoption of ISA, we aim to optimize conditions. Higher accuracy of Digital Maps is one of those conditions for successful deployment. We invite you to exchange on thoughts, knowledge and questions with our expert panel on this subject.