INDIMO discusses tool at 4th Co-creation Workshop

On 24 June 2022, the INDIMO project organised its fourth Co-creation Workshop on the Finalisation of the INDIMO Service & Policy Evaluation Tool.

The 6-hour workshop took place in Bologna, a member of the INDIMO Co-creation Community, and gathered a diverse group of 22 participants mostly representing the tool’s main target group of policymakers, but also developers and vulnerable end-users in the field of digital mobility and logistics services across Europe.


This workshop was a part of the series of co-creation workshops the project is conducting to co-create the INDIMO digital mobility toolbox. In this workshop, the INDIMO Service & Policy Evaluation tool, a component of the INDIMO toolbox, was presented and the structure and content of the same were analysed and discussed. This tool will enable policy makers and user organisations (NGOs) to design strategies necessary for all citizens to fully benefit from the digital transport system and identify strategies to avoid digital exclusion or a digital divide in terms of social and spatial assets.

The key topics evaluated by the tool are digital accessibility and inclusion, cybersecurity and personal data protection, as well as other aspects related to the universal design principles. The tool has the format of a self-assessment questionnaire and will also give user-behaviour nudging suggestions and recommendations to overcome identified barriers.

Reporting on the Tool

After being welcomed to Bologna by local partner, the Institute for Transport and Logistics Foundation (ITL), the INDIMO project was introduced by the project coordinator. Subsequently, in line with the objectives of the workshop, the structure, themes and recommendations of the INDIMO Service & Policy Evaluation Tool were presented. Following this, participants got the chance to go through the steps of the tool, i.e. registration, questionnaire, and results, by evaluating real-life mobility services. At the same time, participants documented their opinion regarding the relevance and applicability of each question of the tool in a separate survey. To wrap up the workshop, participants expressed their overall impression of the tool and main points for improvement.

In terms of the main outcomes of the workshop, it was found that it should be made clear from the start what this tool is for and what it allows to evaluate. Thus, expectations should be managed and more examples of what can be evaluated should be included. Furthermore, it was recommended to use varying score weighting as some points were deemed more critical than others. Finally, some technical changes, such as a save button to continue the evaluation at a later time, and design improvements for easier readability were suggested.

These conclusions will be incorporated into the further development of the INDIMO Service & Policy Evaluation Tool.


Following the workshop, participants were asked to give feedback on the organisation and content of the event. Positively, 71.4% of responders rated the event a 4 out of 5 overall. Constructive criticism expressed in the feedback form will be taken into account for the planning of future events.