Gothenburg launches survey on traffic data analysis and monitoring

The Urban Transport Administration (Trafikkontoret) at the City of Gothenburg is seeking cities' and regions' experiences in analysing and monitoring traffic data.

Trafikkontoret is responsible for measuring and analysing data about different modes of transportation in the Gothenburg area. The results from the analysis are used within a wide range of areas such as physical planning and as a basis for monitoring political goals and arrangements.

Trafikkontoret current receives data from a variety of measurement equipment and external data sources. However, This, with the topic of traffic data rapidly developing, Trafikkontoret is aiming to review its systems and working procedures.

The City of Gothenburg is now conducting a survey in order to find cities and/or organisations within the Polis Network who are successful in measuring and analysing data about different modes of transportation.

The City of Gothenburg is inviting Polis member cities and regions to contribute to this discussion by answering a short survey, , which you can find here. The form is open until 17 May.

If you know any cities or organisations outside the Polis Network that are actively working on the measurement and analysis of traffic data and who are competent in the area, the City of Gothenburg would appreciate if you could send this information to them. This will help in gathering information on cities and organisations outside the network who are successful within the area of traffic data.

For further information, please contact Julia Ärnekvist at Trafikkontoret Göteborg.