Enter the TRA VISIONS 2024 competitions!

New transport competitions in sight! The TRA VISIONS 2024 competitions are an exciting EU-funded initiative part of the famous TRA 2024 event. Eager to know more? Keep on reading!

There is some new and exciting competition in the field! TRA VISIONS 2024 seeks to stimulate the participation of university students as well as young and senior transport researchers in the TRA 2024 conference, helping build a vibrant community of transport innovators and researchers in Europe.

The initiative consists of two competitions for transport research awards to be announced at the TRA conference in 2024, namely:

  • The TRA VISIONS 2024 young researcher competition: A young researcher competition seeking to stimulate interest among young researchers and students in sustainable transport.
  • The TRA VISIONS 2024 senior researcher competition: A competition for senior researchers in the field of innovative transport concepts based on results only from EU-funded projects.

Moreover, there is also the "Special honorary award": An special award for honouring a “very” senior researcher who is about to complete or has already completed their career, and who has through the years made an outstanding and well-recognized contribution to transport-related research and innovation in their respective field. Someone who has, throughout their career, demonstrated groundbreaking and future-oriented views and research.

The competitions are divided into five categories, each per transport mode, with participants being able to choose which of the ways they will submit their project:

  1. Road
  2. Rail
  3. Waterborne
  4. Airborne
  5. Cross-Modality

Curious to know more?

Those interested can register for one of the available 30-minute webinars to learn more about the application process, the timeline, and the prize. See the upcoming webinars below:


  • 8th, 13-13.30 CET
  • 17th, 13-13.30 CET
  • 24th, 13-13.30 CET


  • 1st, 13-13.30 CET
  • 8th, 13-13.30 CET
  • 14th, 13-13.30 CET


Due to the extension of the deadline for the Young Researcher competition (The registration period will be open until 31/10/2023 and has been extended from 30/06/2023. Participants will then have a four-month period (until 31/10/2023) to further develop their proposal into a final project), new webinars have been announced! Chem them out below.


  • 14th, 13-13.30 CET
  • 21st, 13-13.30 CET
  • 27th, 13-13.30 CET


  • 3rd, 13-13.30 CET
  • 24th, 13-13.30 CET


  • 1st, 13-13.30 CET
  • 4th, 13-13.30 CET
  • 18th, 13-13.30 CET
  • 28th, 13-13.30 CET


  • 6th, 13-13.30 CET


For more information, check the TRA VISIONS 2024 official website here.

In case of any questions, do not hesitate to write to Marina Martin Vilches.