EIT Urban Mobility survey on effects of the pandemic on urban mobility systems

EIT Urban Mobility have launched a survey to examine the effects of the pandemic crisis on urban mobility systems.

The survey aims to understand the main challenges and strategies as well as the external factors (threats) influencing the design of urban mobility projects before the crisis, gathering insights on the effects the crisis had on these strategies and priorities and which measures have been taken to react to the current situation.

All the insights gathered will be analysed by the European consortium (BABLE, CARNET, CTAG, and UPC), which is currently working on a handbook to support cities in making urban mobility systems more resilient and sustainable. The handbook will provide an evaluation of the mobility measures taken during the pandemic, few months following their implementation.

Find the survey here.

The survey is open until 31 October 2020.

For any questions regarding this survey, please contact Yoann Le Petit, EIT Urban Mobility Factory