Dynaxibility4CE project enhances UVAR Topic Guide

UVARs are gaining popularity across Europe, especially in Central and Eastern Europe. Based on the UVAR topic guide, an European Commission-approved document drafted by POLIS and other stakeholders, the recently launched Dynaxibility4CE project aims to provide additional guidelines for Central Europe (CE). Tailored to the unique socio-economic challenges and opportunities of the area in the heart of Europe, the addition to the topic guide will support urban municipalities in the CE region to plan potential UVARs. Even though the project's consortium has significant expertise related to UVARs, other stakeholders from across Central Europe are invited to share their input. Thus, POLIS Network plays a vital role to provide guidance and support for novel policy tools to urban municipalities in Europe, which might have not considered UVARs as an effective policy tool or face challenges in the implementation phase.

Therefore, POLIS and Dynaxibility4CE invites experts from urban municipalities in Central Europe to participate in a workshop dedicated to gather knowledge in order to update the UVAR Topic Guide. The event, which will be hosted by POLIS Network, will take place on 15 October 2020 from 10:00AM until 11:30AM. All representatives from urban municipalities in Central Europe are invited to sign up for the open workshop on 15 October 2020 here.

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