2 years of INDIMO: A total success!

INDIMO's second year public event titled “Inclusive digital mobility solutions: an overview of INDIMO’s user-centric redesign process” took place online on 25 March. This years' event sought to shed light on the results collected in the second year of the project, focusing on the implementation of the INDIMO tools and how the INDIMO pilots made use of them for redesigning a more inclusive and accessible service.

The event counted with INDIMO project partners and special external invitees representing target-groups, policymakers, operators, sister projects, and developers of digital mobility services, who participated in a panel session to discuss the process of designing more inclusive and accessible digital mobility solutions.

Check below the complete recording and presentations.


00:00:00 Welcome and introduction to the webinar - Imre Keserü

00:05:19 Introduction to the INDIMO project - Imre Keserü

00:16:50 Co-creation of inclusive digital mobility solutions - Erzebet Foldesi, Former board member and vicepresident of the European Disability Forum

00:29:48 How inclusion and accessibility is addressed by SHOTL in the development and operation of services and software - Joshua Biondi – Business developer, SHOTL

00:42:50 Bringing end users and developers around the same table: lessons learnt while redesigning inclusive mobility services with the INDIMO tools Sabina Giorgi – Project manager, Deep Blue (DBL)

01:02:00 Panel discussion “designing more inclusive and accessible digital mobility solutions”. (Moderates Pedro Homem de Gouveia – POLIS Network).

‒ Erzebet Foldesi.

‒ Joshua Biondi - SHOTL

‒ Peter-Jan Vandenberghe – Project engineer, Imec/
Alexandre Segura – Coopcycle cooperative developer, INDIMO partners

‒ Bart Vermandere - Accessibility expert city of Ghent


For more information  contact Daniel Herrera, and Imre Keserü