MOBI is the innovative research hub for electromobility in Europe and aims to make a strong contribution to a more sustainable society. With more than 120 specialists, we form a multidisciplinary team that supports the transition to a more environmentally friendly and electrified mobility and transport system. A unique mix of technical, environmental and socio-economic skills is the strength of our research group. MOBI is the technological expertise center in many areas ranging from electric and autonomous driving to innovative batteries, intelligent drive systems and energy management, power electronics and charging infrastructure. In addition, we provide knowledge regarding business planning and consumer behaviour and look at the integration of electric vehicles in energy communities and smart grids. This broad approach enables MOBI to develop sustainable and innovative solutions and electrification strategies that are broadly supported by all parties participating in the electric (autonomous) fleet of the future.



This comprehensive approach empowers MOBI to develop sustainable and innovative solutions, as well as electrification strategies that garner broad support from all stakeholders involved in shaping the future electric (autonomous) fleet. Additionally, MOBI holds the distinction of being a Core Lab within the Flanders Make organization, contributing to driving innovation and boasting a noteworthy track record in numerous research projects.