09/06/2020 Online

The dangerous link between air pollution and COVID-19: Practical proposals on how we can protect our cities in the future

As part of our Post-Lockdown Mobility webinar series, we are delighted to be holding this webinar in collaboration with the European Public Health Alliance.

Air pollution is a major problem in European cities, causing thousands of premature deaths annually.
In these unprecedented timesquestions have been raised whether more polluted areas of our continent have suffered higher rates of Covid-19 infections and deaths. In this webinar, Dario Carotenure track researcher at Arhus University and co-author of the studythat explored the connection between atmospheric pollution and high-level lethality in Northern Italy, will present the main findings of the paper as well as results of his latest analysis on the role of the transport-related pollution in this situation.

The second part of the webinar will focus on what can be done to protect our cities in the future and prevent air pollution-related deaths. There might not be a simple answer, but the social and economic costs of pollution for cities are immense, hence the quest for the solutions should accelerate at all levels. Less and cleaner transport plays a decisive role here. Zoltán Massay-Kosubek, Policy Manager for Clean Air and Sustainable Mobility at the European Public Health Alliance (EPHA) will give an overview of the costs associated with air pollution and propose his view on how the cleaner approach in mobility can safeguard our cities today and in the long-term.

This webinar is exclusively for members of POLIS and the EPHA.