05/05/2022 Online and at the M.A.I. (Rue Washington 40, Ixelles, Brussels, BE)

PRECINCT 1st Stakeholder's engagement Workshop

The European project PRECINCT is organizing its first-ever stakeholders' engagement workshop. It aims to present the main outputs of the project and ensure a strong interaction with industry CI stakeholders, end-users, citizens, and many other relevant stakeholders.

PRECINCT is a unique project within the mobility sector employing a holistic approach to increase the safety and security of critical infrastructure (CI) for citizens.

CI in Europe is at risk from various threats, compounded by their inter-dependencies, including their links to smart city systems. This project thus seeks to establish an Ecosystem Platform for connecting interdependent CIs and Emergency Services to collaboratively and efficiently manage security and resilience by sharing information such as Data, Critical Infrastructure Protection models, and Resilience services. It will implement Digital Twins and a Serious Game approach to identify vulnerabilities and test or validate new detection and mitigation models and associated services in a real-time real-life context.

The project is now organizing its first workshop on stakeholders Engagement. The workshop will take place on May 5 and run from 9 am till 5 pm with a hybrid format. It will include presentations from project partners on the work that has been achieved thus far and roundtable discussions to engage stakeholders on technical and business aspects of PRECINCT.



For more information, check PRECINCT's official website here.

If you have any questions about this workshop or about the project, do not hesitate to contact Raffaele Vergnani, Project Manager and Coordinator of Urban Freight at POLIS.