Czestochowa is located by the Trans-European north-south and west-east transport corridors. The city is the capital of the northern Subregion of Silesian Voivodeship.

The past 10 years have seen increasing rates of car ownership and falling interest in public transport. It is considered that this increasing traffic pressure is adversely affecting general mobility and degrading the city’s environment.

However, Czestochowa has made a great progress in building transport infrastructure (roads, bicycle routes, tram lines, trams and busses fleet, elements of ITS system) for last few years. It was possible due to EU funds. Investment processes are still ongoing.

Yet, these changes require good management system and joining all kinds of mobility under one planning system. The city has strong motivation to develop mobility level in each of the mobility field.

The first SUMP has been prepared and it is in the adoption process. The cities' interest focuses generally on general SUMP vision: Working together towards the development of a sustainable mobility system that will provide the inhabitants of Czestochowa with a high living standard and the ability to move within a safe, clean and friendly environment, as well as contribute to the social, special and economic development of the city.

They focus on four topics: Quality of life, Economy, Environment, Energy. City in motion is a challenge for urban mobility, that is why this process never ends.

Czestochowa is/was involved in the EU projects: URBACT, Interreg 2004-2006 and SUMPs-UP IPP CIVITAS2020.

Czestochowa has published the following documents:


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