2013 - 2016


The VRUITS project helped improve safety and mobility of vulnerable road users (VRUs) through ITS applications. The project took a VRU-centric approach to come to recommendations for suitable ITS applications, leading to a full integration of the VRUs in the traffic system.

The VRUITS project aimed to improve road safety and their mobility and comfort by integrating them as parts of ITS applications, in a similar way to vehicles, through V2I-I2V cooperative services.

The aim of this proposal was to make the SAFECROSS system (Smart Pedestrian Crossing for People with Reduced Mobility), developed by SICE, smarter, by integrating 3G/Wi-Fi mobile communications (802.11p) into the traffic regulator, so that vehicles can be warned about special situations occurring at the crossing, For example, at the lower crossing and during phase 1, the driver (street A) is allowed to turn right, but there may be pedestrians using the zebra crossing (street B). In this case, thanks to the SAFECROSS system and I2V communications, the vehicle that is about to manoeuvre can be told whether any pedestrians are crossing on street B, where there is no visibility. Alerts of this type can also be considered in a 36-communications environment using mobile phones, by subscribing to a Smart City–type service.

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The project was funded by the European Commssion's Directorate General for Mobility and Transport thought the FP7 Programme. It ran from April 2013 to March 2016.

For more information about the project, visit VRUITS CORDIS page