How to integrate urban nodes in the TEN-T corridors?

Vital Nodes is a H2020 coordination and support action which aimed to improve European interconnection while developing sustainable mobility within the urban nodes of the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T). It specifically addressed the multi- and inter-modal connection between long-distance and last-mile freight logistics.

As final outcome, it has produced policy recommendations on the integration of urban nodes in the TEN-T core network corridors. They are developed on the basis of workshop results and various stakeholder consultations involving a wide range of experts, practitioners, and policy makers.

The Vital Nodes policy recommendations focus on the overlap between two important transport policy domains at European level, i.e. urban mobility policy as defined in the Urban Mobility Package (2013) and TEN-T policy, as set out in the TEN-T Guidelines (2013).

The policy recommendations are categorised in different clusters which are corresponding to the structure of the Vital Nodes Toolbox:

  • Strategy + Value
  • Network + Space
  • Governance + Time
  • Finance + Funding
  • Research + Data

Each recommendation also indicates the target groups who can potentially act on the recommendation, including for example the European Commission, the urban nodes, terminal and logistics centres operators, European Investment Bank etc.