Procurement of parking space monitoring solution for freight in Lisbon


EMEL has just launched a public tender for the supply, installation and maintenance of a parking space monitoring solution dedicated to loading and unloading operations under the C-ROADS Portugal project (, co-financed through the European Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) programme.

This competition, with a total value of 370,000 euros, 50% of which is financed by the CEF, aims to find a system that monitors 650 parking spaces on the public road, reserved for loading and unloading, in the area between Lower Lisbon and Campo Grande, and allows mapping and detecting their availability in real time, making circulation more fluid on the streets of the city. More information (in Portuguese):

POLIS (Cities), ALICE (logistics), EPA (Parking) are exploring the opportunities to improve parking management and urban logistics. These associations are looking into the potential of access management integrated with flexible and shared use of urban space and parking:


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