Flexible access & space management working session - presentations & recordings

POLIS (Cities), ALICE (logistics), EPA (Parking) are exploring the opportunities to improve parking management and urban logistics with the support of FIT Consulting and Erasmus University Rotterdam. These associations are looking into the potential of access management integrated with flexible and shared use of urban space and parking.

Changes in consumer behaviour, new e-commerce services, instant deliveries, and the COVID-19 pandemic, along with traditional freight movements, are causing an increase in last-mile deliveries and a pressure on the system due to the lack of available and appropriate space for these operations. Innovative measures are needed to help cities reduce congestion (double parking, etc.) and trips, achieve sustainable mobility goals, improve deliveries efficiency, anticipate new technologies, and potentially increase revenues.

One new concept is the so-called ‘Shared-Use Mixed Zones’ (SUM Zones). SUM zones can be defined as areas where parking management, urban vehicle access regulations and freight management are integrated, and combined with flexible curbside management concepts.

On 17 December, we met for a two-hour session to i) discuss current experiences with zonal management of public space, ii) introduce the SUM zone vision, and iii) assess what is needed to make this integrated approach into reality in the decade to come. Initial results from a survey on the topic have been presented at the workshop.

If you missed the working session, you can see the recording and download the agenda and presentations here:

Video recordings