More than just hot air: Public Transport Lab discusses decarbonisation

Last month at COP26, world leaders pledged major cuts in greenhouse gas emissions. Transport accounts for 21% of global carbon emissions, and reductions have been slow. Time is fast running out; if current trends continue, transport related emissions are predicted to grow. Effect, efficient and scalable solutions must be found if we are to reach green deal targets. 

While the pandemic has affected our transit systems, the decarbonisation of the public transport cannot be put on hold.

POLIS Public Transport Lab brought together representatives of the European institutions (European Investment Bank and the European Commission), Public Transport Association (UITP) as well as the city’ and regional authorities to talk through funding instruments, projects trialing new solutions and how electrification is playing out on the ground.

Want to know more?

This was a POLIS members only event, held in conjunction with the Clean Vehicles & Air Quality Working Group. Through this group, POLIS members share best practices and exchange knowledge on reducing transport-related emissions and accelerating the adoption of clean vehicles.

Find out more here, or contact: Gabriela Barrera or Sabina Asanova