Large-scale survey on curb side management for passenger and freight


POLIS (Cities), ALICE (logistics), EPA (Parking) are exploring the opportunities to improve parking management and urban logistics with the support of FIT Consulting and Erasmus University Rotterdam. These associations are looking into the potential of access management integrated with flexible and shared use of urban space and parking.

They are launching a short questionnaire to collect some information that could help steer the discussion on curb management among their members and to define the main opportunities and challenges to be addressed in the near future. The focus of this survey is on urban areas.

The results will be presented and discussed at the joint POLIS-ALICE-EPA working session on Flexible access & space management to discuss current experiences with zonal management of public space, and assess what is needed to make this integrated approach into reality in the decade to come.

This survey is carried out with the support of UITP.

This survey will take only 5 minutes of your time and is accessible at this link.