How to make transport more accessible and inclusive for vulnerable users? Read the INCLUSION second newsletter!

The latest INCLUSION newsletter summarises the actions taken by the project's core Pilot labs and other relevant news on accessible and inclusive (public) transport. The lack of public transport options often means less access to goods, services, job markets, education, and recreational activities, all of which have a strong impact on individual wellbeing and social cohesion. Vulnerable user categories, such as: mobility impaired and elderly people; young people; low income and unemployed persons; socially excluded or poorly integrated communities and migrants; could be automatically excluded from reaching a wider range of opportunities if transport options are not accessible or available.

The INCLUSION project is looking at innovative approaches and solutions across Europe and beyond in order to provide:

  • An understanding of the main challenges affecting transport provision and accessibility in the different prioritised areas.
  • A set of recommendations for the development and deployment of mobility solutions that address the needs of vulnerable user communities in European cities and regions
  • New service and business models related to public transport.

Download the INCLUSION newsletter here.


INCLUSION is a three-year project funded under the Horizon 2020 programme of the European Commission. The project’s research focuses on improving transport accessibility for vulnerable user groups living in remote urban and rural areas across Europe. Please, visit for more information.