Dynaxibility4CE brings sustainable urban mobility to Eastern Central Europe

The two-year Interreg project Dynaxibility4CE aims to support cities in Central- and Eastern Europe (CE) to enhance their currently planning capacities for new mobility services.

Dynaxibility4CE will result in designing an up to date set of concepts, methods and tools that respond to the emerging disruptive technologies and solutions and that can be used in support of transport/mobility planners and policy makers to develop clean and green mobility systems in functional urban areas (FUAs). Sustainable solutions include ‘Mobility as a Service’ (MaaS), ‘Urban Vehicle Access Regulations’ (UVARs), ‘Connected and Automated Driving’ (CAD) and the creation or enhancement of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans.

The respective partner cities of Graz (AT), Koprivnica (HR), Parma (IT), Stuttgart (DE), Budapest (HU) Leipzig (DE) and Krakow (PL) will function as case studies. The project will contribute to generating new knowledge and capabilities for dynamic and flexible low-carbon mobility planning and serve for the purposes of effective implementation of innovative transport solutions. Simultaneously, the lessons learned from the respective urban municipalities will help to update the outlines created in the European Commission’s urban mobility package and SUMP topic guides.

The outputs of the project include:

  • Strategies and managerial approaches for improving low-carbon mobility planning
  • Action Plans for new innovative low-carbon mobility solutions and to improve air quality in FUAs
  • Trainings for public transport authorities on low-carbon mobility planning capacities
  • Tools for planning for new low-carbon mobility solutions and to improve air quality

... and more.

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