CEDR Conference discusses Modal Choice in a Multimodal Transport System

The event will take place on May 9 in Brussels, with a pre-conference evening event on May 8. Registrations are open

This CEDR programme has funded two research projects aiming to advance national road authorities’ understanding of transport users’ motives and needs for choosing different transport modes as well as of the impacts of appropriate incentives for a modal shift.

The conference provides training of the new tools developed by the two projects. The STTRIDE tools help to understand the impact of new technologies, while the ISAAC tools focus on measures supporting walking and cycling and their impact on modal choice and on road safety.

Polis is a consortium partner of the ISAAC project.


...stands for Smarter Travel Technology Review for Investment Decisions: STTRIDE has reviewed travellers’ needs, assessed the role of emerging technology in meeting those needs and developed recommendations for NRASs to make the best possible use of technological advances to deliver positive modal shift.


...stands for: Stimulating safe walking and cycling within a multimodal transport environment: ISAAC has developed evidence-based recommendations to achieve modal shift in favour of walking and cycling – without compromising road safety, social security and comfort. The project outputs include an interactive checklist and guidelines for local and regional policy makers. Access them here:


Registration to the Conference is free of charge but prior registration is required before 26 April:

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