Zviahel is a city located in the northern part of Ukraine, specifically within Zhytomyr Oblast. It serves as the administrative centre of Zviahel Raion, contributing significantly to the region's governance and local economy.

As of recent estimates, Zviahel has a population of approximately 55,086. The city is strategically positioned, bordered by other districts within Zhytomyr Oblast, enhancing its regional connectivity and economic interactions.

Zviahel's economy is diverse, reflecting its role as a regional administrative hub. The city's economy includes sectors such as agriculture, manufacturing, and services, with agriculture playing a particularly vital role due to the region's fertile land and favourable climate conditions.

In recent years, Zviahel has focused on enhancing its infrastructure and municipal services to support its growing population and economic activities. Efforts have been made to improve urban amenities, expand educational and healthcare facilities, and promote cultural activities to enrich the quality of life for residents.