South-Holland Province

With more than 3,5 million people who live, work and travel in an area of less than 3,000 square kilometers, the province of South-Holland is a densely populated province.Besides its density, the region is characterised by its diversity. It has cities such as the port city of Rotterdam, the government city of The Hague and the university City of Leiden. Good accessibility is vital to strengthening the competitiveness of South-Holland and promoting economic growth. At the same time, South-Holland feels the need to address environmental and sustainability issues, such as noise reduction and reduction of CO2 and particulate emissions. That is why the province of South-Holland has set reliable and clean transport of both goods and people as one of its priorities for the coming years. Joining the POLIS network fits in perfectly with this ambition.

South-Holland is involved in EU projects: Clean Inland Shipping (CLINSH), 3EMOTION project, Horizon 2020 project Nextgen and Flood Resilient Areas by Multi-layEr Safety (FRAMES).

South-Holland has created the following movieclip:


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