Heidelberg, hailed as one of Germany's most enchanting cities, captivates visitors with its scenic blend of the castle, Old Town, and the meandering Neckar River, embraced by rolling hills. This idyllic panorama, a muse for Romantic poets and artists, continues to enthral millions from across the globe. However, Heidelberg is not just a haven of romanticism.

In addition to its aesthetic allure, Heidelberg is a hub of academia. Boasting Germany's oldest university and numerous other esteemed institutions, along with internationally recognized research centres and companies, the city exemplifies a nexus of knowledge and innovation. The International Building Exhibition (IBA) exemplifies the collaborative future between the city and its scientific community.

Heidelberg is a melting pot of cultures and ideas, boasting a youthful demographic, that hosts approximately 160,000 residents and attracts approximately 11.9 million global visitors annually.

Green initiatives thrive in Heidelberg, as the city embraces a harmonious blend of natural beauty, a favourable climate, and an urban lifestyle. Recognized for its commitment to the environment, Heidelberg stands as one of Germany's leading cities in terms of leisure value.

Embedded in history, Heidelberg dates back to 1196 and experienced significant development in the 13th century with the planning and construction of the castle. The city reached its zenith as the capital of the Electoral Palatinate, notably with the establishment of the university in 1386. Remarkably spared from the ravages of World War II, Heidelberg is divided into 15 distinct districts, each with its unique character and charm.