Częstochowa launches pedestrian installations to raise road safety awareness

'A visible pedestrian is a safe pedestrian': to raise road safety awareness, POLIS member Częstochowa launched a new initiative displaying reflective figures in sensitive locations at pedestrian crossings. 

At the end of 2022, POLIS member Częstochowa carried out an exciting new initiative: the city set up reflective figures designed to imitate pedestrians across five sensitive locations at pedestrian crossings. A total of 11 such installations were implemented in locations where the majority of pedestrians are users who are most vulnerable to accidents on the road, such as children or people with disabilities. Indeed, the figures were set up on routes leading to school, as well as pedestrian crossings near the headquarters of people with disabilities associations.

Częstochowa installation

Pedestrian installation in Częstochowa

Moreover, the size and overall look of the figures are meant to resemble this group of pedestrians: for example, the reflective objects are 105 centimetres tall or are designed to represent the shape of a wheelchair, and are also visible after dark.

The mayor of Częstochowa, Krzysztof Matyjaszczyk, supports such initiatives that are meant to have a positive social impact, especially on those who are most vulnerable.

Częstochowa is the first Polish city to use such a solution. Previously, installations were tested in various spots around the city. The decision on the final locations was preceded by analyses undertaken by traffic engineers: the research on such a solution yielded positive that would have an impact on the reactions of drivers, who, seeing the figure imitating a pedestrian during the day and its reflective version after dark, would slow down before crossing and become more cautious. The initiative was met with positive opinions also by the city police, with traffic safety officers emphasising the advantages of this type of solution for vulnerable road users.

The benefits of this initiative include:

  • Safety: it warns drivers and forces them to slow down on the road;
  • Awareness: drivers who see the installation pay closer attention to who is on the road;
  • Visibility: it improves the visibility of pedestrian crossings;
  • Positive image: it has overall beneficial impacts for the community, making it safer.

"It is good that this is being done not only as part of major road projects, but also through new initiatives undertaken by municipal services dedicated to pedestrian safety," emphasises Krzysztof Matyjaszczyk.


For more information on the initiative, do not hesitate to contact Mariusz Kawecki ( at the Organisation Municipality Road Administration in Częstochowa.