07/07/2021 Online Webinar

SUNRISE Bremen: Street Space Management – Key for mobility and quality of life

The bilingual event, which will take place on 7 July from 14:30-20:00 CEST, is hosted by the City of Bremen in the framework of the SUNRISE Project. The event will be organised by POLIS Network under the umbrella of SUNRISE and is divided into an English and a German part. 

The first part will be held in English and is tailored towards the European perspective of street space management. The session will showcase different examples of reshaping urban street space from European cities and aims to answer questions about the potential redistribution of street space. The international session will be followed by a German part, which will highlight aspects from several German cities. Talks will be centred around neighbourhood parking, space management and related conflicts.


How can participatory processes in neighbourhoods enhance the quality of life for everyone? How can city officials deal with conflict situations? How could the street space of the future look like?


These and more questions will be answered in both sessions.  Street-) space is a very valuable resource in urban environments. Thus, the scarce commodity is prone to conflicts. After many decades of European car-centric policy, a rethinking of street space is necessary. In order to safeguard a peaceful co-existence of passenger cars, public transport, active mobility, people with disabilities, as well as ambulances and waste collection vehicles, a forum needed to be created. This was the exact aim of case study in the neighbourhood of Hulsberg in Bremen, a city state in North-West Germany. SUNRISE project partners will present the co-creation processes, by highlighting potential conflicts. Afterwards the floor will be given to experts from other cities from Europe and Germany to share their stories about street space management.

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Draft Agenda

Session A (English): 14:30 - 17:00
  • Welcome and Introduction to the session and the SUNRISE Project
  • Presentation of SUNRISE Bremen: 'Re-organising parking and dealing with conflicts'
  • Presentations of two European cities about recent developments concerning street space management
  • Interactive exchange with the audience (Q&A)
Session B (German): 17:30 - 20:00
  • Welcome and introduction to the session, the SUNRISE Project and the Bremen case
  • Presentations from several German cities about street space management
  • Interactive exchange with the audience (Q&A)