14/05/2019 Brussels

BuyZET Final event

The BuyZET final event took place in Brussels on 14 May 2019. The agenda is available here. In CIVITAS BuyZET, three cities (Copenhagen, Rotterdam and Oslo) are testing new smart procurement approaches to influence the transportation footprint of purchased services, goods and vehicles.

These are concrete actions needed to achieve CO2-free city logistics by 2030, one of the main objectives of the European Commission Transport White Paper of 2011.

The event was an opportunity to discover and discuss the tools and recommendations developed by BuyZET. In addition, the event looked at the new rules for the public procurement of clean vehicles in the revision of the Clean Vehicles Directive.


Opening Plenary Session

Breakout session on consolidation of supplies

Breakout session on waste management and clean fleet procurement

Breakout session on construction logistics