New South Wales announces funding for pop-up street improvements

New South Wales announces funding for pop-up street improvements

The Government of New South Wales has announced new funding to support temporary measures to improve shared street spaces during COVID-19.

The program will provide funding for councils to undertake demonstration and pilot projects to increase the amount of public space, and improve local streets, plazas and pavements as shared community spaces.

Temporary projects can be a quick, low cost method to demonstrate the value of a concept and test future permanent change. Projects are typically short-term and run for up to one month or on set regular days, and pilots can be semi-permanent up to a year.

These short-term improvements can:

  • support essential workers to travel to work, and people working from home
  • contribute to NSW economic recovery in our local centres by creating vibrant streets and additional safe space to support local business
  • activate high streets to create better quality public space
  • support physical distancing requirements and encourage safe social connection
  • support our communities well-being and ability to exercise
  • attract people back into public spaces in a safe way, when appropriate to do so.

More information can be found here.