Medellín rolls out robots for food delivery

Medellín rolls out robots for food delivery

Medellín has rolled out a number of robots to help deliver food during the COVID-19 outbreak.

The Colombian city implemented the innovative measure to provide new options for the restaurant community to continue to provide their services to citizens whilst reducing person-to-person contact. The robots are from KiwiBot, a Colombian company based in the United States. At the moment the project remains in the pilot stage.

The robots are jointly operated by Rappi and KiwiBots. They have a capacity of 35cm/35cm/35cm, and are operated on on last-mile routes. The robots are disinfected before and after each of order, and have all the necessary technology to function safely within the dynamics of city

In the El Poblado area, where the test is being carried out, about 120 daily orders have been made with fifteen robots. It is estimated that thirty restaurants have managed to continue their operation, pay their employees and be active thanks to Rappi and this type of solutions.

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