2011 - 2014


QUEST (Quality Management Tool for Urban Energy Efficient Sustainable Transport) was a project that developed an audit tool to evaluate a city's urban mobility policies. The aim of the QUEST audit was to support cities in their efforts of developing more sustainable urban mobility systems.

Based on the results of the QUEST audit a tailor-made improvement programme were recommended to each city. The focus of the improvement programme were directly linked to the present state of urban mobility policies. Cities that completed a QUEST audit received a certificate which recognised their efforts in sustainable urban mobility planning. Almost 50 cities from all over Europe were involved in QUEST, demonstrating that the demand for advice on how to improve urban mobility policies at local level.

The expected impact of the action plans has been assessed with regard to carbon footprint. With a clear set of assumptions estimations have been made of the expected modal shift from car use to environmentally friendly modes of transport in each city. The overall results show a predicted yearly reduction of approximately 5% of car related carbon emissions, culminating in 2,8 million ton C02 up to 2020, which is almost 0,5 ton CO2 per inhabitant. For a relative simple and easy-to-use tool, this is a good and promising result with a high effort/result ratio.

Key deliverable: QUEST Project Final Brochure (Final report)

QUEST was co-funded by the European Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation, under the STEER programme. The project started in May 2011 and will ended in November 2014.

For more information, please visit the QUEST website or the TRIMIS page