2004 - 2007


NICHES' mission was to stimulate the debate on innovation in urban transport and on mobility between different European actors who are highly concerned by this topic.

This project facilitated the coordination of research activities of academic institutions, industry, mobility operators and transport authorities in the area of innovative urban transport concepts. It also helped to identify and disseminate excellent, transferable examples of innovative transport measures in the most crucial areas of urban transport.

This high-level project goal was translated into five overall project objectives:

  • Enhance discussion and knowledge exchange between practitioners, experts and researchers in the field of urban transport in Europe, ensuring that different sectors will be involved (transport authorities, operators, industry, academics, and other researchers as well as users);
  • Provide a forum for those involved in European research activities and projects as well as national, local and industrial initiatives in the area of innovative urban transport concepts to share their knowledge and experience;
  • Develop an accessible document store and a knowledge base on innovative transport concepts as well as integrated urban transport strategies, in which several innovative concepts are implemented in a combined way;
  • Identify future research needs and pave the way for innovative transport concepts, meeting mobility needs in 2020;
  • Develop a platform for capacity building (tools and content) for practitioners with guidance on developing and implementing innovative concepts in the framework of integrated urban transport strategies.

The project ran from November 2004 to March 2007, receiving funding from the European 6th RTD Framework Programme. The EU Contribution amounts to €1,050,000.

Key Document: NICHES Final Report.pdf

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