2013 - 2016


Integrated personal mobility for smart cities.

The MyWay project investigated, developed and validated an integrated platform, the European Smart Mobility Resource Manager, including cloud-based services and facilities to support community-supplied information collection and processing. MyWay developed a journey planner with mobile user services that red and white tram on road during daytimefacilitates personalised seamless integration of public and private transport modes into a single trip and make travelling around the city effortless, swift and pleasurable.

Placing the traveller at the heart of mobility, the European Smart Mobility Resource Manager provided an integrated travel planner including all sorts of transport services and automatically handles transactions related to their usage to provide a seamless point-to-point mobility service.

Key deliverables:

The project was funded by the European Commission's Directorate General for Mobility and Transport through the FP7 Programme. 

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