2023 - 2025


Innovation meets sustainability in MUSE! The project aims to shape the future of urban air mobility (UAM) by revolutionising the way drones coexist with European cities.

Drone-generated noise and visual pollution are key issues affecting the liveability and quality of life in urban areas. MUSE aims to mitigate these problems by bringing together innovation and sustainability in the realm of urban air mobility (UAM).

Their mission? To revolutionise the way drones coexist with European cities, ensuring a future that is technologically advanced and also environmentally conscious. The project will create a comprehensive framework to assess the environmental and social impacts of UAM operations. This will be done by capturing a range of effects on daily lives, considering factors such as location, demographics, and behaviour.

Through real-world case studies in European cities, MUSE will showcase the capabilities of its innovative approaches. These findings will lay the foundation for a future U-Space service, optimising the social and environmental performance of drone operations.

Over the span of two years and a half, POLIS works with five excellent partners to collaboratively shape the future of UAM by building a new MUSE U-Space Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Toolset, used to assess different scenarios of drone operations and types of urban areas.

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