2007 - 2012


The CIVITAS CATALIST project aimed to validate, exploit and disseminate the results of the CIVITAS Initiative and, more importantly, help new cities adopt sustainable, clean and energy efficient urban transport.

Project's results:

  • Promoting the results of CIVITAS through a continuing knowledge transfer process - ultimately leading to new joint city initiatives,
  • Increasing the visibility of the CIVITAS policies by expanding national and international alliances,
  • Communicating the CIVITAS message in a custom-tailored manner to the project's target groups,
  • Consolidating and validating the long-term impacts of CIVITAS and disseminating best practice solutions,
  • Supporting and fostering political championships, assessing expectations and inputs to EU policy.

Within CATALIST a "CIVITAS Guide for the Urban Transport Professional: Results and Lessons of the Long-Term Evaluation of the CIVITAS Initiative" was produced. This document is also available as an Online Guide.

Other documents.

The project kicked-off in August 2007 and ended in July 2011, funded under the European Sustainable Development, Global Change and Ecosystems: thematic priority 6 under the Focusing and Integrating Community Research programme 2002-2006 (€ 4 292 927 EU contribution).

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