2004 - 2008


BESTUFS II (BEST Urban Freight Solutions II) aimed to develop a European red on urban logistic solutions: experts, associations, organisers of national or European projects, transport operators, European/national/local institutions.

BESTUFS II CA was a follow-up initiative of the thematic network BESTUFS, with the goal to maintain and expand an open European network between urban freight transport experts, user groups/associations, ongoing projects, the relevant European Commission Directorates and representatives of national, regional and local transport administrations and transport operators in order to identify, describe and disseminate best practices, success criteria and bottlenecks with respect to City Logistics.

BESTUFS II expanded and strengthened the network of urban freight stakeholders (urban freight experts, policy makers, researchers, traffic planners, etc.). It also:

  • Carried out a number of activities to address the opportunities and identify the barriers to effective and efficient distribution of goods in cities;
  • Identified and analysed the advantages and disadvantages, strengths and weaknesses of a large number of possible solutions, producing surveys and reports, and organising conferences and workshops
  • Developed the BESTUFS Good Practice Guide on Urban Freight Transport ,  a consolidated handbook containing information, figures, knowledge and best practice for all urban freight transport stakeholders;

The project was funded by the European European 6th RTD Framework Programme. It ran from September 2004 until August 2008.

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